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Relive the Classic Anime Era of the 80’s in VC Cafe

Anime themed cafes are pretty common now a days but Venture Capital Cafe managed to shake things up.


If you are a fan of anime and want nostalgia to hit you in the face then this is the perfect place for you, no matter where you look you cannot escape.

From the walls to the decorations on their shelves, you can definitely feel the classic anime era of the 80’s.




This cafe may be pretty new but it isn’t that hard to spot even in a busy place like Makati. I mean, look, they practically have a human-size gundam standing outside their venue. How in the world could anyone miss that?



VC Cafe serves a decent cup of coffee, but its menu doesn’t have much variety. Honestly even though they are a cafe they don’t really highlight the coffee in their menu as much as other cafes.

What they do highlight is that they are one of the few coffee shops here that also serves alcohol, which is fitting since most of their target customers are adults.


This cafe’s chef knows its job.


Most cafes’ food menu would only compromise of:
1. Bread & Pastries
2. Pastas
3. Finger foods

However, VC cafe also offers an all-day breakfast menu and main dishes. These dishes are expensive than most restaurants in the area but I could assure all of you that they are definitely worth the price.

They look great and they taste great, what else do you need?

Oh, right, you guys are probably worried about the portions since some of their dishes sounds fancy. Well, I can assure all of you once again that their portions for one dish is more than enough for one person.

I also worried about it but I ended up taking out half of my order because I was too full to finish it.

Their offers aren’t the only things that set them apart from other cafes but also their cheesecake.

Yup, that’s right, their cheesecake.

Their cheesecake is one of the most creamiest cheesecake I’ve ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot. Every time I go to a cafe for the first time, I always make sure to try their cheesecake first and this one definitely did not disappoint.

It isn’t just creamy but the bottom part was also a pleasant surprise.

Usually the bottom layer would be graham but VC cafe replaced it with lemon square  batter, and that simple swap made all the difference.

Who knew that blueberry, cream cheese and lemon would be such a great combination?


Yes, this cafe offers two function rooms that you can use for meetings and the likes.


You can even ask for a meeting with Venture Capitalist Enteprenuers if you would like to present a new and fresh idea to them, and if they like it they might even fund your project.  (If you are interested you can find more about it in this article)

Other than functions room, VC cafe also offers two huge television sets. One where you can watch 80’s anime and the other to play video games.



Sadly, when I asked whether I could play some video games the waiter told me that it is currently unavailable because during the day of my visit there was something wrong with the set up, but it should be up and running again when you read this article.



They also offer numerous book, some of which are in japanese. I tried looking for some basic elementary books or anything with furigana (a form of writing in Japan) but I couldn’t find one. All the books they have in Japanese are for fluent or higher grade readers.

Venture Capital Cafe is a good cafe to hang out with friends or if you and your team want to get anything done without wasting anytime on getting a filled stomach.

This is a perfect place to watch one of your old favorite anime while sitting comfortably inside a cool air-conditioned room with a decent cup of coffee- or a glass of dry martini, whatever floats your boat.

So, the next time you need to get a cup of coffee and near the area, do check VC cafe out. This is a must visit.


5 Helpful Skills To Learn Outside College

What we learn in college isn’t everything.

True, it is helpful and will certainly increase your chances in landing a good job, but don’t you ever get the feeling of wanting to increase a certain skills of yours more? Or even learn a new skill entirely? Maybe a bit tired with all those academics with grades? Or simply just want to add another line in your kinda blank resume? Continue reading “5 Helpful Skills To Learn Outside College”


A short photo essay that I would leave for interpretation.

elianaback Continue reading “Go.”

Why pick me?

To the tired worker reading this, before you read this blog post of mine I’m sure you have already read countless other entries so I’m going to cut to the chase and make this one easy to read but still concise.

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Maestro Fedeli

Maestro Fedeli is one of my favorite go to cafes not just because it’s conveniently near my home but also due to its warm atmosphere and a great tasting menu.


I’ve been visiting this cafe for almost a year now and not once have I been disappointed (well, except for one of their sandwiches that we will eventually get to in this post).

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Manila’s Best Coffee

A new small mall opened up near my area a couple months back and every time I come home from my University I always pass by one of Manila’s Best Coffee branches there.


I heard about this cafe a couple of times in twitter and how their brownies and ice cream are a must try, so when my aunt asked me where is a great place to get coffee I immediately told her we should try out this cafe!

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Red Monster: Shop + Cafe

Red Monster is a must visit for anyone who are huge fans of the Korean Hallyu scene and the Japanese music and animation industry.


This shop is the perfect blend of both popular cultures, offering the best of both worlds, from the food to the various merchandises that they offer.

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Seoul Train Korean BBQ

As a huge fan of Korean food and its music scene, I had always wanted to eat in this restaurant ever since it opened last year in Tomas Morato, QC.


The unique and cool concept of the restaurant is definitely what set them aside from their competitors.

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Mt. Batulao: My First Hiking Experience


If you told me back in high school that a couple of years later I would willingly hike a mountain up to its peak and succeed, I would have laughed at your face and be all “Yeah, right. I can’t even sit on the grass without a picnic mat.”

I used to truly despise nature, well the physical engaging part, I enjoy it when I view it in a distance or in pictures.

Now, I have no idea how it happened, probably the stress of college or the depressing feeling of me not being able to make much exciting memories during my teen years but when one of my close friends invited our group to go hiking, I immediately said it was a great idea….

Also, all of us agreed it was time to change our facebook profile photo and to post a new picture in our instagram.. (haha, #stupidannoyingmillennials am I right?)

Before I get into my experience, here are some facts and tips for hiking Mt. Batulao, since I know most of you really just want to know about this.  Continue reading “Mt. Batulao: My First Hiking Experience”

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