As a huge fan of Korean food and its music scene, I had always wanted to eat in this restaurant ever since it opened last year in Tomas Morato, QC.


The unique and cool concept of the restaurant is definitely what set them aside from their competitors.


Sticking true to its name, the whole place was designed to resemble the ambiance of a train, from the eye-catching exterior design to the train sound effects inside the waiting area!


They also have a TV in the dining area where they play various kpop music videos (which was a huge distraction for me cause I would burst out singing along in the middle of the meal).

The down side to the Seoul Train’s quirky design concept is that they cannot hold much customers, that is why you would usually have to wait for seats, but do not fret! There are so many things that you could do while you wait.

They have a lot of PULP magazines available that you could read for free. If you have some extra cash, they also have gachapon (capsule toy) and claw machines.

You could also reserve, but the reservation fee can cost you up to 5000Php which is really expensive, imagine all the meat and other side dishes you could’ve bought with that.

However, even though I would definitely give their ambiance & concept a 5 out of 5, I would only give a 3.5 to their food.

Now, it isn’t bad… but it isn’t that big of a deal either, and I am talking about their BBQ in particular, which is their main product.


Their food doesn’t particularly stand out, it tastes like all the other Korean restaurants, but even though they taste the same the serving of the BBQ meat and the side dishes were smaller compared to other K-BBQ places and they cost about the same.

In all honesty I was about to give the food a flat 3, but the reason for the extra .5 was the tteokbokki with cheese and their special sauce!

Tteokbokki or spicy rice cakes, is my favorite Korean food, and this restaurant offers one of the best ones that I have ever tasted. I recommend you order the one with cheese and noodles since the cheese complements the spicy dressing well.


I also have a whole lot to say about their special BBQ sauce. I am a frequent visitor of Korean BBQ restaurants and this sauce is honestly the best one I have ever tasted.

When they said “Korean dining would never be the same for you again” when you try their sauce, they were not kidding! Definitely worth the 100Php in my opinion.

However, even though with these 2 aspects, I don’t think I would often dine here. Aside from it being expensive (you can’t really dine here and expect to spend less than 1000Php), there are better Korean restaurants that offer better food (except for the sauce) with better servings.


You can view their menu and other people’s reviews in zomato, and if you do plan to eat here I would just like to remind that they have a service charge of 10%.