Red Monster is a must visit for anyone who are huge fans of the Korean Hallyu scene and the Japanese music and animation industry.


This shop is the perfect blend of both popular cultures, offering the best of both worlds, from the food to the various merchandises that they offer.


Before anything else, let’s first talk about their coffee! Honestly, this is the first cafe in years that I had to stare at their menu for more than 3 minutes long.

You see, it became a habit of mine to order a Hot White Mocha Latte every time I visit a new cafe since it’s my favorite drink. However, if you look at their menu:


You can see that they don’t follow the conventional way of naming their drinks! Instead, their drinks’ names are inspired by various Anime series and Korean artists, which is honestly pretty smart…

Since I was a fan of a lot of these artists and series I ended up visiting the shop more than I initially thought I would. This is so I could manage try every single coffee that has a name inspired by a fandom I belonged in.

Now, even though I prefer my coffee hot, I do recommend to just get their blended drinks here.


I have tried their lion heart and blood sweat and tears (the one in the picture above) in hot, cold and blended. Disappointingly, both the hot and cold drinks tasted almost exactly alike and it tasted nothing like the blended.

I also tried drinking other hot and cold coffee like bulletproof and all of them more or less taste the same.

But, at least once, you might want to get hot since they do coffee art and you could request your favorite anime or band.


(watch out though, their coffee is pretty strong)

Their blended drinks, however, are really good!

You can definitely taste the different flavors and the coffee isn’t too strong, it’s just right and surprisingly it isn’t as sweet as it look, though it’s really hard to actually finish the whole drink…

I remember the owner of the store laughing at us (me and my cousin) saying that a lot of her customers says “nalulunod na ako dito” or “I’m drowning in this drink” because the servings are too much.


This shop honestly doesn’t feel like a cafe to me, but it works for them.

The color and design choice doesn’t really help you relax nor is it made to be aesthetically pleasing, but for this cafe I think that’s okay since this cafe isn’t about that.

This cafe, I believe, is made for you to enjoy your hobbies and likes while enjoying good food and coffee and they definitely succeeded in that.

The shelves contain various merchandises that are either goods or display. They also created a kind of divider. The left side’s shelf is full of anime merchandise while the right side is full of various kpop merchandise (both official and unofficial).

As you wait for your meal or coffee you could take your time looking at the shop. Maybe you’ll find something that interests you. However, most of their merchandises are pretty expensive though since some of them are original and are bought from Japan and Korea.

They also have a television in the middle of the cafe. You could requests songs you would like to hear from various Japanese and Korean artists.


The owner also offered if we would like to watch Yuri on Ice! (As of yet, it is the only anime they have. Hopefully they’ll add more to the collection).

My favorite in the shop interior is their tables. Basically there are various anime and kpop merchandises displayed inside the table and you can see it since the top of the table is made out of glass.


Since me and my cousin entered the cafe pretty late in the middle of the week, there were barely any people inside and we basically took a good 10 minutes deciding where in the world should we sit because of the tables, haha.


The Red Monster offers various Korean and Japanese foods, they also offer various sweets.

However I can’t really say much since every single time I visit I always order the ‘Spicy Ramyeon’…

…and yes, I have visited this cafe for more than 5 times and I always get the same thing.

I have no idea why, but I actually got hook to their Spicy Ramyeon that if I don’t order it every time I go there, it doesn’t feel right and I don’t have that much money on me to get 2 meals along with my coffee.


Now, is it that actually good? That is a yes and no.

See, I feel like it isn’t that special? Basically they just added cheese to spicy ramen that looks like it could be from a cheap Korean instant noodle pack and anyone could do that, but it is honestly addictive.

I went to that store more than 5 times and I actually haven’t seen anyone order anything else except for their ramyeon.

Over-all this is a really good cafe and merch shop, I really suggest everyone to visit, whether your a kpop fan, anime fan or neither!

It is located in c2, Luisa Building 2, 107 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila.


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