A new small mall opened up near my area a couple months back and every time I come home from my University I always pass by one of Manila’s Best Coffee branches there.


I heard about this cafe a couple of times in twitter and how their brownies and ice cream are a must try, so when my aunt asked me where is a great place to get coffee I immediately told her we should try out this cafe!


When I saw their menu I immediately thought “Wow, talk about really going for the proud local branding!”

Aside from almost all their pastries being traditional Filipino desserts, their sizes are based of the 3 main regions of our country: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Visayas being the smallest and Luzon as the largest.


I really have to give them a big clap for that since normally Filipinos have this huge colonial mentality so often we tend to disregard local brands, it is nice to see someone openly promoting our beans (yes, the coffee beans they use are from here, every ingredients they use are from here).

Even though I only went there twice so far, both times were with my family members so I was able to taste a bunch of their coffees in one go.

Now, the thing about their coffee is right from the start, as soon as you taste it, it separates from other brands’ coffee right away. Now, normally this is a good thing but for this it entirely depends on one’s taste buds.

Personally, even though I did managed to finish my drinks (hot white mocha on the first visit and iced vanilla latte on the second) I did not prefer the taste. I am saying prefer because it isn’t to the point that I dislike their coffee.

But out of everyone whom I went with, I was the only one who isn’t fond of it, everyone really liked the idea and was praising their said drinks.

I am not sure if it is the local coffee beans (which I doubt cause sometimes my grandmother would buy local coffee beans in the store cause it is cheaper) or the kind of milk they used, which is carabao milk (highly more likely).

If you do like their milk I suggest going for their blended drinks or a frappe, because those tend to have more of the said ingredient + whip cream that also have carabao milk in it (and when I say it has more, I really mean that it.has.more. I completely dislike their frappes, good thing I did not order that but my aunt).

If you do not like their milk just go for the hot and iced coffee, even though the taste is there it isn’t as strong.


A lot of their Filipino desserts are good, BUT they are a bit overpriced. You could just buy one outside the cafe before coming in. I recommend you trying it first though, I mean it could be your style.


OKAY, but let me warn you guys one thing: DO NOT BUY THEIR CHEESECAKES.

I mean, if you still want to try sure, but please take note of what I’m going to say.

I have nothing against with the taste of their cheesecakes, to be honest one of the best cheesecakes I have tasted.. well it could’ve been… for the top part… the bottom graham part.. yeah, not so much.

You see aside from the weird yet nostalgic taste (I swear I have tasted this from somewhere when I was a kid but I can’t remember) of the graham part, the texture is entirely like polvoron.


It is really hard to eat along with the rest of the cake, it creates a mess and it is a bit hard to cut it with the fork they gave. In the end none of us were able to finish the graham part, we split the cake and left the graham on the plate when we left.

Next is their BROWNIES. I have been getting a lot of feedback on how good this is, aside from their ice cream this is the next in line to their most well-known product. I see a lot of people taking pictures with their brownies, so I had pretty much high expectations.

Now, did it meet them? NOT NECESSARILY.


The taste was really good but I think what got served to us weren’t new batches and then instead of normally heating it with an oven they just used a microwave and therefore making the brownies really hard instead of it being chewy.

I’m not really sure if the brownies were supposed to be chewy but you know when you taste something and you just know what you’re eating is supposed to be chewy or was chewy but somehow because it isn’t freshly cooked/baked anymore it feels funny in your tongue? Yup. (Same goes for when what you’re eating is supposed to be crunchy, like chips that you left somewhere and forgot until you see it again after hours).

Anyways, it was a nightmare to eat it with their plastic fork, I gave up after a few tries and used my hands to eat it.

Last but not the least, their ice cream, KARALETO.


Karaleto is their most popular product, basically it is ice cream made from carabao milk, we tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavor.

Personally, I did not like this due to the carabao milk but all my other family members really enjoyed it and were satisfied with this ice cream, they even gave it a huge thumbs up.

They especially like it because it is very cheap, only costs about 55Php yet it tastes so good.

The chocolate is a whole lot stronger than the vanilla, by the way.


I really love the interior and the ambiance of Manila’s Best Coffee, it was simple yet classy.


In the branch I was in, the walls were almost all glass and since the view outside are mostly plain grass fields (well, for now since malls and different businesses are opening up there) it was a good move. This is a great place to be in while the sun is setting.

The only thing I dislike is that they do not have an outlet so that means you can’t do your online or paper works here unlike most cafes, which is a bit of a let down cause their ambiance is good for studying or working.


Over-all, this is a pretty decent cafe and one that you should definitely check out for yourself. If I have to personally rate this out of 5 stars I’ll give it a 3.0.

You can check more about them here.  (Note: this isn’t the branch I was in, I was in Southwoods)