Maestro Fedeli is one of my favorite go to cafes not just because it’s conveniently near my home but also due to its warm atmosphere and a great tasting menu.


I’ve been visiting this cafe for almost a year now and not once have I been disappointed (well, except for one of their sandwiches that we will eventually get to in this post).


Maestro’s coffee menu isn’t far different from what you see normally in other cafes but my taste buds says that their coffee exceeds a lot of other similar coffee shops that have the same branding as them.

Normally I prefer hot coffee than iced but in Maestro Fedeli, that doesn’t really apply.


I’m not saying that their hot coffee is bad, I still occasionally order my favorite hot white mocha latte with whip cream from time to time. It’s just, for me, their coffee taste better iced.

Another thing that surprised me was that I did not mind their matcha latte at all. You see, I’m not a huge fan of matcha lattes because in most coffees shops they make the taste really strong but here it was just right.


I’m sure for some they might get disappointed with this and might think it’s a bit lacking but for me I’ll give it a thumbs up.

As for their frappes (which they like to call miscelato), I don’t think there is anything notable to write about. I mean they taste good but they don’t really stand out that much compared to other cafes, but I believe you should still try if you like, I highly recommend their “Twix” frappe.


One word: Nachos.


If you only have money for one snack item you should definitely spend it on their Nachos. So far, they have the best nachos in all the cafes I have went to plus it’s only 99Php.

There is something in their sauce that makes them different from others. Their nachos are definitely a must try. (You can also request extra sauce for free!)

If you want something sweet I would highly recommend their cookies, especially the sea salt olive oil cookies (Php45; another favorite of mine). They also have cakes but the prices are a bit higher than most cafes (around Php180).


Maestro Fedeli is also well-known for their pasta dishes such as their tuna pesto and lasagna. Currently they have 2 meal sets for only Php199 which centers on both those pastas.


In one of those sets, a Squid Ink Slider Sandwich (the black burger-like object in the pic above) was included, and this is the sandwich that I said I was disappointed in.

For a sandwich with such a cool name like that I expected the taste to be very different, but in all honesty it just tastes like an ordinary homemade spam with lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Also, the bun’s texture was very dry and I didn’t enjoy that, though I believe that was the kind of texture they were going for. I think some people might enjoy this but it isn’t just for me, I still recommend you try this though especially since the lasagna and nachos that are paired with this are good.


I really love the over-all concept for Maestro Fedeli. It is warm, simple and a bit artsy.

I personally love their chalkboard graffiti and their choice of displays plus their glass walls and how the sun sets on the whole cafe is beautiful to look at.



Their interior isn’t the best I’ve seen nor is it really unique, but it still gives you that nice cozy feeling.

Over-all, I truly love Maestro and I’m pretty sure I’ll visit this cafe often for a long time. If I have to rate this over 5 stars, I’d give it a 4.8.

You can check their official fb page here for more details. (P.S. the branch I visit is in Pacita)