To the tired worker reading this, before you read this blog post of mine I’m sure you have already read countless other entries so I’m going to cut to the chase and make this one easy to read but still concise.


My pen name is Aris Clin, I took it out from one of my favorite books that have inspired me to branch out of my comfort zones and to look at the world and myself in a different perspective.

Currently, I am taking interest in minimalist photography and watercolor paintings. I like reading books that boggles my mind and listening to music that moves.

So, down to the main question. Why pick me?

1. I’m a third year journalism student. I believe that this is a huge advantage since unlike some people who are applying for this internship I already know the basics.

I’m saying “some” because I am pretty sure a lot of people who are applying for this internship are journalism students.

2. I’m willing to learn. I know. Such a common and predictable answer to the whole “why should we hire you?” question, am I right?

Well, I mean it. Even though I know the basics I still haven’t gotten the chance to use it in the real world and I believe that there are a lot of things that I still need to learn.

3. I love writing features, especially about food. I do a lot of cafe and restaurant reviews here on my blog and if you’d like you can check them out. (I just can’t update regularly cause I’m not that rich. No budget.)


When I was asked on the first day of school on why I chose journalism my answer was “I want to write feature stories about food.”

Of course I know that this isn’t the only thing you’ll make me write about, I’m interested in writing features in general.

I ‘m just emphasizing because you know, if you need someone to write an article about some restaurant or anything related to food I am right here, willing and ready.

Also, you guys have liked an instagram post of mine about my review on Seoul Train.

4. I love going out to places and experiencing new things. As long as I don’t have classes, whenever, wherever or whatever you’ll ask me to go or do, I will definitely do my best to be there and fulfill it (as long as it isn’t illegal, I still want a bright future, thanks).


5. I maybe introverted and seemingly shy, but I love meeting new people. I’m not much of a talker and most of the time I act shy around new people, but I am a people person.

I enjoy interacting with people especially if we have the same mindset, goals and if we share the same hobbies.

6. I can be contacted 24/7… well, almost 24/7. I know how important it is to always be available when needed in the media industry.

A lot of problems or unexpected emergencies can happen.

My professor would chat us up on messenger at 3am in the morning to tell us our script for the radio show is so ugly and that we need to revise it before 7am or our show would be cut off.

Hopefully, I don’t think I have to wake up at 3am for this job/intern but just saying, you can contact me anytime for rush revisions or basically anything else.


And, that’s it.

In all honesty, even though I really want to write features and to gain new experiences in this field, I am still not sure whether this path is really it for me.

I am still finding myself and I think that this wheninmanila internship would help me in my own self discovery, so I hope that you would really take me into consideration for the internship spot.