What we learn in college isn’t everything.

True, it is helpful and will certainly increase your chances in landing a good job, but don’t you ever get the feeling of wanting to increase a certain skills of yours more? Or even learn a new skill entirely? Maybe a bit tired with all those academics with grades? Or simply just want to add another line in your kinda blank resume?

Well, I understand that. Even though I am still currently in college I still try to find some seminars or workshops I could attend for experience and also to improve myself more since I just don’t feel like what I learn in College is enough.

Now, for those who are still confuse on what skills they should hone or try out, here is a list of skills that I think would be of great use in the future once you are out of college.

1.  Learn a new language. Being able to speak more than one or two languages makes you more employable, especially to business companies who have affairs or branches in other countries.

You can also be more versatile at applying for jobs because you do not need to limit yourself on the degree you have.

Well, of course, a lot of people have swerved away from their original field without having to learn a different language, but with this you may find more and better opportunities.

Let us say you took up multimedia arts, if you know another language you don’t need to limit yourself in media related jobs, you can also try out as a translator.

The most common language being learned in the Philippines right now is Korean.

Now, before you say “I do not want to seem like I love kpop, that ain’t my thing.” or “I don’t want to sound like some kboo.“, look at reality without bias.

The current industry is coming, if it isn’t already, to Asia. Now, who is the most influential Asian country here? Korea.

There is this huge Korean wave here in the Philippines, from their music to their makeup and clothing brands, they are all coming and selling big here.

So you might want to think on trying to learn Hangul (their language) if you want to have more opportunities and be more employable.

Of course, Korean isn’t your only choice, you can learn any language you want and your employable rate would still go higher, this is merely a suggestion.


2. Improve your writing skills. No matter what job you want to get or what course you are in, writing skills are a must.

This skill is very important and something that you would, well, are using almost everyday.

From essay writing to theoretical conclusions on your thesis to sending out important business emails, this skill is a standard job requirement.

Ateneo De Manila, would sometimes hold a 2 day seminar on effective business writing and there are also a lot of online courses such as Technical Writing Training in Business Training Works

3. Try out basic programming. Programming is hard, programming is very hard. Take that from a former computer programming student. However, it is important in a sense.

People who have programming skills are highly sought after, especially if it isn’t the only thing they can do, especially those who know how to design websites.

The employers would save more money if they hire someone who can do two jobs other than just one, they save more money that way.

There are a lot of basic programming workshops here in the Philippines as well and there is also a short specialist forty hour course for Web Design in the CIIT: College of Arts and Technology in Quezon City.


4. Cooking. I mean, eventually you have to move out from your parents’ place and cook for yourself, right?

You cannot just live by eating cup noodles and fast food all your life. Now I know most of us are here for a good time and not a long time, but if you eat all those everyday then that good time would eventually become an awful time.

Plus, cooking may also land you a job. One of the fastest growing industry here are new independent restaurants and food stalls.

If you manage enough money you can start a food business or you can even simply apply for working in an up-coming restaurant.

There are a lot of TESDA courses for cooking, click here for more information.


5. Management and Leadership skills. No matter what field you are in, this skill is a necessity if you want to make it big or to at least progress well in your career.

Companies and employers would always take someone who have good leadership skills, especially those who utilizes their communication skills well.

You can learn the basics of a language by trying to converse with your teacher, you can learn basic programming anywhere as long as you have a working computer, you can improve your writing skills by simply bringing your work to class and letting your professor critique it, you can learn cooking by following recipes and listening to your professor…

But when it comes to management and leadership skills? You need to be thrown into the lion’s den, you need all the experiences you can get.

However, although stressful and hard to learn and improve, once you do, it would be a very valuable skill.


Now, these aren’t the only skills you can learn. Learn what you think you need, learn what you want to learn. These are just the skills I thought would be of help,  do not limit yourself.