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Maestro Fedeli

Maestro Fedeli is one of my favorite go to cafes not just because it’s conveniently near my home but also due to its warm atmosphere and a great tasting menu.


I’ve been visiting this cafe for almost a year now and not once have I been disappointed (well, except for one of their sandwiches that we will eventually get to in this post).

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Manila’s Best Coffee

A new small mall opened up near my area a couple months back and every time I come home from my University I always pass by one of Manila’s Best Coffee branches there.


I heard about this cafe a couple of times in twitter and how their brownies and ice cream are a must try, so when my aunt asked me where is a great place to get coffee I immediately told her we should try out this cafe!

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Red Monster: Shop + Cafe

Red Monster is a must visit for anyone who are huge fans of the Korean Hallyu scene and the Japanese music and animation industry.


This shop is the perfect blend of both popular cultures, offering the best of both worlds, from the food to the various merchandises that they offer.

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Seoul Train Korean BBQ

As a huge fan of Korean food and its music scene, I had always wanted to eat in this restaurant ever since it opened last year in Tomas Morato, QC.


The unique and cool concept of the restaurant is definitely what set them aside from their competitors.

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