If you told me back in high school that a couple of years later I would willingly hike a mountain up to its peak and succeed, I would have laughed at your face and be all “Yeah, right. I can’t even sit on the grass without a picnic mat.”

I used to truly despise nature, well the physical engaging part, I enjoy it when I view it in a distance or in pictures.

Now, I have no idea how it happened, probably the stress of college or the depressing feeling of me not being able to make much exciting memories during my teen years but when one of my close friends invited our group to go hiking, I immediately said it was a great idea….

Also, all of us agreed it was time to change our facebook profile photo and to post a new picture in our instagram.. (haha, #stupidannoyingmillennials am I right?)

Before I get into my experience, here are some facts and tips for hiking Mt. Batulao, since I know most of you really just want to know about this.  Continue reading “Mt. Batulao: My First Hiking Experience”